Twilight shot of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired custom home by Sineath Construction

Guide to Working with Sineath

A Guide to building your new home with Sineath Construction

From blueprints to the completed, live structure, Sineath Construction follows a generations-honed approach to custom home building and commercial construction we call our print-to-live process.

This process means we deliver the livability and functionality you want within your means, following a timeline and expectations we set collaboratively. It’s how we partner in your vision for your new home or commercial structure to build a project that endures and delights.

The best time to start working with us is at the beginning when you’re designing your project, with or without an architect. Early collaboration means the project often moves smoothly and more quickly through the design and estimating processes. And, it allows us to get ahead on the permitting process, which can take months in some instances because of the high volume of construction in our area.


Most often, clients come to us with ideas and a vision, having decided to build a custom home or commercial space. Yet they need guidance on where to start. Others have already started working with an architect or they’ve purchased plans they intend to customize. We’ll meet you where you are and guide you through designing your vision during our consultation phase.

  • Initial Consultation: Because cost, availability, reputation, compatibility, and schedule are important considerations when selecting a builder, we focus on building a relationship by establishing trust, confidence, communication, and accessibility from the beginning. During the initial consultation, we learn everything we can about your project and your vision. We provide resources as needed, such as architects, construction lenders, interior designers, and the like.

    Our goal from this initial meeting is for you to have a solid idea of what it’s like working with us – our professionalism, our integrity, our transparency.
  • Blueprints or Architectural Design: Our preference is to work collaboratively with the architect during the design process. Why? Well, anything is possible during the design phase. Yet, there’s usually a limit to what clients want to spend building their project. Our honest perspective and feedback can provide immense value that shows up later when we prepare the construction-ready estimate.

    We also recognize some clients choose to purchase blueprints to customize. We will work with you to make adjustments to the design that will achieve your unique vision.
  • Estimate and Investment: When you and the architect are satisfied that the design is essentially what you want, we’ll complete a preliminary estimate to ensure the cost is in line with your expectations. This estimate will provide ample detail to help you and the architect refine the design to meet your target cost goal. Once you’ve aligned your design with your target cost goal, the architect will create construction drawings, which we’ll use to create a construction-ready estimate and to obtain the building permit.
    When we say construction-ready estimates, we mean it. The process takes about three weeks and includes detailed bids from trusted subcontractors and vendors as well as allowances for preferences and the volume of space. We will also develop a detailed project timeline by charting the milestones in the building process, building partnership in expectations and participation.

    After we review the construction-ready estimate with you, you’ll know what we mean by cost transparency. Detailed estimates are our opportunity to demonstrate to you our integrity and confidence in our work. And you’ll have a solid understanding of your investment in your project.


Now we start the fun part – building your project. Our staff of experienced project managers, field managers, and crew is organized, detail-oriented, and exceptional problem solvers. They provide clarity and knowledge to help clients find peace of mind throughout the building process. Your field manager will be your day-to-day point of contact and will provide daily updates via the job log in our project management system where you can see the status of your project at any time during construction.

  • Permits and Approvals: The types of permits required and the time involved to secure them will vary by project. Once a contract is in place, we handle obtaining and maintaining all construction-related permits. When a community or subdivision requires specific approvals, we’ll work with the architect to submit the plans and other requirements to obtain approval.
  • Selections: For most of our clients, deciding what goes inside the project and tying it all together with a theme and style is the fun part. Picking cabinetry, flooring, tile, paint, lighting, and more may seem like a lot, but we have a process that makes it pretty simple.
    All of our clients receive a complimentary session with our partner interior designer to provide clients with visioning documents for the interior and exterior of their home or commercial space. Often called a mood board, these documents will help you navigate the selection process.

    Our selections coordinator will work with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of expectations, where to go, and scheduling, which will be documented in the project management system. You’ll communicate your selection decisions using the project management system to prevent mistakes, and you’ll have transparency into the cost of each item you’ve selected.

Cost Management: We respect client budgets. Our purchasing manager and our field managers work diligently to prevent surprises and cost creep. Yet, changes are part of our world. When circumstances mandate a shift in the process, we are open and proactive in our communication ensuring clients can make the best decision to achieve their vision.


We are always excited for our clients when we get to hand them the keys. Our goal is a 100% complete project.

  • Quality Inspection and Orientation: Prior to you taking possession, we will complete a final quality inspection (we do at least three quality inspections during construction, because – you know – high standards). When that’s complete, your field manager will provide an orientation for you. Your field manager will introduce you to the entire project, including all of the systems and how they operate. You’ll check every window, door, faucet, appliance, etc. to ensure everything looks and performs as expected.
  • Warranty: We provide a one-year builder warranty for all of our projects. If anything needs immediate attention, our warranty manager will coordinate a resolution. The warranty manager will periodically check in on you, and at the six-month mark, will schedule a walk-through to ensure everything is functioning properly, looking for any drywall cracks or nail pops, and take care of anything minor that may have come up. We’ll do the same at the one year mark after your project has gone through a full cycle of seasons.

We strive to provide you with a smooth, inclusive building process. As part of that process, it is important to us that we are transparent and honest with you. Any time you have a question or a concern, we want to hear from you. We look forward to working with you to build your vision.