checking outside vents with drill

Home Maintenance Tips for April

To prepare for seasonal rain and the coming heat, it’s a good idea to tackle a few exterior home maintenance tasks this month. They’re straightforward and easy to do on a Saturday.

  1. Check your yard for low spots where water may puddle as these areas can become a breeding ground for mosquitos. Grab a wheelbarrow full of fill dirt and make the rounds filling in any dips. And don’t worry. The grass will grow back.
  2. Inspect your sprinkler system by checking each zone to make sure it’s working and covering each zone properly. Straighten and re-aim any crooked sprinkler heads. Replace any broken heads.
  3. Check and clean clogged vents along the foundation walls and under eaves, and repair any broken or missing vent screens, which you can generally get at any hardware store. These vents help your home breath, and the vent screens keep out debris and critters.
  4. Check for worn or chipped exterior paint on your home. House painting tasks don’t have to be major. In fact, for this annual task you’ll inspect your home’s siding and exterior trim for small cracks and chips. If you see any, repair those spots by sealing any crack and painting over chips so moisture doesn’t get inside.

And a #protip when it comes to paint, whether interior or exterior, keep paint brands, color names, and identification numbers on file so you can replace paint if you run out. Be sure to store and label extra paint in airtight containers so you can spot-paint as needed.

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