Looking up at tree limbs

Home Maintenance Tips for August

You may need to call in some professionals to tackle the items on this month’s home maintenance tips list. Some things are best, and safest, when left to the professionals.

  • Schedule a check-up for your furnace? What’s that? It’s the dog days of summer – a sweltering, muggy afternoon, and the last thing you want to think about is heating your home. We hear you. But, as luck would have it, furnaces seem always to fail on the coldest days of the year. Now’s the time to get your heating system serviced and prepped for winter.

    This task is one of those instances where you need to call a professional to inspect your heating system, tune it up, and make any repairs. If you don’t already have an annual service contract with an HVAC company, consider getting one. And if you don’t, then don’t wait to schedule the check-up. HVAC technician schedules will fill up quickly the longer you wait.
  • Tame the trees. Next time you’re out in your yard, look up. It might be time to do a little tree maintenance. Check for dead or dying tree limbs that can damage your home if they fall. Are any limbs getting too close to your home? Do you have vines in your trees that need to be removed?

    Now we’re not saying get out your ladder and chainsaw. Limbing trees can be dangerous work. We recommend calling a professional to tidy up the tree canopy.
  • Clean out the gutters. It may seem like we recommend cleaning out your gutters every season. To be honest, if you live in a wooded area and you don’t have screens or guards on your gutters, then yes, you’re going to want to check your gutters for anything that can cause the downspouts to clog or water to overflow the edges. Every season. Especially in the fall.

    Clean gutters and downspouts mean water is less likely to pool around your home’s foundation. When water pools at your foundation, you run the risk of water intrusion, which can lead to a whole other series of problems. Climbing up on a ladder isn’t something everyone is comfortable doing, so calling a professional is advised to inspect your gutters.

Like we said, this month’s home maintenance tasks are ones for the professionals to tackle. Contact us if you need a referral. Glad to help.