Pavers on a custom home build by Sineath Construction

Home Maintenance Tips for May

Phew! That was a rainy April. Here are a few home maintenance tasks to complete in May now that the seasonal rains have stopped and warmer weather is upon us.

  1. Check for lose pavers and stones. Freezing temperatures and heavy rains can cause your hardscape features, like pavers and stone walkways, to rise, sink or come loose. To fix, use a garden trowel to pry up displaced pavers, and then smooth and even out the paver bed with fresh sand. Then replace the paver.
  2. Secure loose pickets. Fences and garden gates can move, twist, warp and loosen during cycles of cold temperatures and wet weather. Now that the seasonal April rains have stopped and temperatures have warmed up, check for loose pickets and anything out of alignment in your fences and gates. Refasten with a nail gun using galvanized nails. Use a drill and outdoor appropriate screws for anything that needs to be secured with a screw. Be sure to check for and tighten and loose gate bolts, too.
  3. Clean those windows. After all of those April showers and winter weather, make sure you can see all of May’s flowers by cleaning your windows and glass doors. Huge glass windows and clerestory lights are prominent design features of #mountainhomes, and an annual cleaning will keep your view crystal clear. You’re probably going to want to hire a crew to do this work. Let us know if you need a recommendation.

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