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Home Maintenance Tips for October

Hooray for fall! Autumn leaves, cooler temperatures, and everything pumpkin spice. Okay, so maybe not everyone is a die-hard pumpkin spice fan. Yet, it is inescapable, just like these home maintenance tasks this month.

This month’s list of home maintenance chores is a quick one, and it should in no way interfere with the Halloween and Friday the 13th marathons. There is one task you’ll want to add to this list if you have a fireplace. Sweep the chimney. Call a pro to tackle that one. The rest are super easy.

  • Clean your dryer vents. Yes, we recommend you do this task several times a year because excess lint can dramatically increase the risk of fire. If your clothes aren’t drying as quickly as usual or they need an extra cycle or two to dry, then chances are you’ve got lint build-up in your dry vent.

    Clean the dryer screen and trap every time you dry clothes. And, scrub the screen once a month if you’re a heavy user. Now make sure the vent pipe is clear, and you’re good to go.
  • Stow the hose. If you live where it snows (or freezes) then it’s time to drain and store your garden hose. Hoses with water in them can freeze and burst. Remove the hose from the faucet and drain it completely. If you have a hill, let it drain downhill. Now, shut off the water supply to the external faucets. Then, drain the line by turning the faucet on so the residual water may drain out. Turn the faucet off. For extra protection from freezing temps, install a foam insulator cover over each external faucet.
  • Seed your lawn. Your lawn might need a little TLC after this long hot summer. Seeding it can be one of the best ways to repair that damage. We recommend doing this now so that the seeds can take root before the first frost of the season. Use a spreader or your hand to lay the seed, and then water it. You’ll likely need to water it a few times, so if you need to show your lawn some TLC, wait a bit before stowing the hose for the winter.