About Sineath Construction Company
From the very first home we built to our latest project, we have always been keenly aware that a home is the very center of our clients’ lives. More than bricks, mortar and timber, our homes are our sanctuaries, our safe harbors … our nests; places of renewal and respite — the place our families and our lives, whatever their shape, take shape.

So our homes — your homes—are shaped around your plans and dreams. We will ask you over and over, “have you considered this?”, is this right for you now . . . what about down the road?” We will have lots of questions, because we care, and because we want you to be amazed.

As members of the WNC Green Building Coucil, we encourage our clients to consider the highest quality natural, sustainable materials and building practices available. We are constantly researching and testing innovative materials and techniques to ensure our work leaves as light a footprint as possible on these mountains, preserving their stability; leaving them prepared for the next generation of families to live respectfully among their beauty and protection.