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Sineath's carpentry workshop

Like Magic! Custom-Built Furniture and Cabinets

Having the workshop on site in the old garage behind HQ is like having a candy store next door. As builders, it’s very much like being a kid in a candy store when we walk into the shop to create something unique to our clients’ visions. Since opening the shop a little over two years ago, our cabinetmaker and carpenter team have been busy designing and building custom cabinets, shelving, trim, and furniture for our client’s custom home and commercial projects.

Custom solutions for every client’s vision for their distinctive home

It was always the goal to offer custom solutions to clients’ dreams for their home. From one-of-a-kind cabinets and furniture pieces to shelving and trim, our team partners with every client to create pieces that fit the unique needs of the space’s form and function.

Ever watch a home renovation show on TV where the builder creates unique pieces to accent the décor and tie the client’s design style together? Or you see something like a cabinet, bookshelf, or table while traveling and think that’s exactly what you’re looking for? If only you could find something like it back home, or better still figure out how to build it, right?

Well, you’re building a custom home, so fill it with pieces custom to you. That’s where our workshop comes in. One client found a photo in a magazine of a bathtub resting on a wooden base. The style of the rustic base fit seamlessly with her farmhouse motif in the custom home we’re building for her. Our cabinetmaker Robert went to work creating a base inspired by the photo and completely unique to her vision.

Base for custom built bathtub

Another client couldn’t find a four-poster bed that would work for what they had envisioned for the main bedroom. Their options were either too delicate or too bulky for the sunny space. Our carpenters listened to their vision and returned with a drawing. The clients said it was perfect. We’re thrilled they didn’t have to settle for a design that didn’t fit their style.

Custom-built four-poster bed

Upgrading the home office with custom designed furniture

After a fire destroyed their beloved home, one client took the rebuild opportunity to create a home office that functioned exactly how he’d always wished it to function before the fire. We met with the client to listen to his vision and get a full understanding of his needs. We came back with built-in desks, low cabinets and drawers, and a drafting table aligned to the perfect angle for his needs.

Custom built-in desk

Custom storage solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional

We completed a custom home in late 2020 that included a bank of cabinets we designed and built specifically to hold the homeowner’s player-piano music scrolls. Big and bulky, these scrolls needed a lot of shelf space and needed to be located fairly close to the piano. Indeed, storage can be beautiful and functional.

Custom-built cabinets

Yes, we love to build things. We love spending days in the workshop creating pieces that ensure the client’s unique vision is achieved. It’s art. It’s function. It’s craft.

If you’re thinking of building a custom home, then we invite you to dream big about how unique, custom-built pieces can take your vision to the next level. We’re here to help.