About Sineath Construction

As green builders in Asheville and the surrounding areas, our custom home and commercial construction work reflects the uniqueness of every project and our absolute commitment to quality construction and craftsmanship.

As fourth-generation, custom green builders near Asheville, Sineath Construction is well known for quality and dependability. Founded in 2008 by Tommy Sineath and named Builder of the Year 2020 by the Asheville Home Builders Association, we are a family-owned, full service custom home and commercial general contractor specializing in mountain green building. True to Tommy’s vision, the hallmark of our work is our continued commitment to excellence in every detail of construction.

  • We invest the time required to attain the best result, allowing us to be precise and flexible when we anticipate challenges
  • We follow a well-honed process that includes estimating, staffing, and scheduling
  • We build enduring relationships when we communicate and share our knowledge and our process

From our perspective, we owe it to our clients to get quality and service right. And, to deliver on it. Our first client is still our client today because we’re building strong, solid track records fulfilling the expectations we set.


As a Certified Green Professional, Sineath Construction encourages our clients to consider the highest quality natural, sustainable materials and building practices available. As an Asheville green builder, we are always researching and testing innovative materials and techniques to ensure our work leaves the lightest footprint possible, preserving the stability of these mountains for future generations.