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Why Our Process Works

From blueprints to the completed structure, Sineath Construction follows a generations-honed approach to custom home building and commercial construction we call our print-to-live process.

Print-to-Live Process

Our print-to-live process means we deliver the livability and functionality clients want within their means, following a timeline and expectations we set collaboratively. To do this, we help clients determine what they can build and how, while guiding them to their final design.

Because cost, availability, reputation, compatibility, and schedule are important considerations when selecting a builder, we focus on building a relationship by establishing trust, confidence, communication, and accessibility from the beginning.

  1. We show potential clients what it’s like to work with us when we provide detailed estimates, demonstrating integrity and confidence in our work.
  2. We develop a detailed project timeline by charting the milestones in the building process, building partnership in expectations and participation.
  3. We respect client budgets, providing cost transparency and honesty in every step of the process.
  4. We are open and proactive in our communication when circumstances mandate a shift in the process, ensuring clients can make the best decision to achieve their vision.
  5. Our staff of experienced project managers, field managers and crew are organized, detail-oriented and exceptional problem solvers, providing clarity and knowledge to help clients find peace of mind throughout the building process.

Read more about our process on our guide to Building Your Vision.

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