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Mountain modern living room with large walls of windows

Mountain Modern from Western North Carolina Home Builders

When it comes to building custom homes, Western North Carolina home builders have built nearly every style of home you can imagine. And one style of home in particular is quickly becoming the most in-demand style after the classic timberframe design: Mountain Modern. According to many Western North Carolina Home builders, the mountain modern is the newest trend in custom home design because it’s elegant, functional, and contemporary.

On-trend homes by Western North Carolina home builders

Mountain modern might sound like a buzzword, but it is truly the newest trend in custom home design. More and more Western North Carolina home builders are building this style of home, so you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Let’s take a look at this distinctive style.

Mountain modern is as much a sensibility as it is a design. It is characterized by:

  • Clean lines
  • Natural materials
  • Neutral colors
  • Light, and a lot of it.

The look was originally inspired by prairie-style homes and the rural vernacular popular in the Rocky Mountains, and Western North Carolina home builders have given it their own spin.

Western North Carolina home builders’ take

Custom mountain modern home front side
As you can imagine, mountain modern style homes are designed around the reasons why so many people make the mountains their home: feeling fully relaxed and gorgeous mountain views. To achieve that focus, Western North Carolina home builders focus on building structures with clean, uncluttered exteriors and open interiors with high, lofty ceilings with banks of large windows that frame the views and provide an abundance of natural light.

Less fuss and more natural elements

In our experience as a custom home builder in Western North Carolina, mountain modern is about a structure that feels light. The architecture pays homage to the classic timber-frame style common to the region, yet without the massive timbers that can feel heavy. Natural elements like wooden beams and stone pair with smooth walls and minimalist window frames to create the easy, contemporary mountain modern style.

  • Modern mountain means the feeling of clean, natural elements. Neutral colored exteriors with stone and wood accents easily transition from season to season just as neutral interiors create a seamless flow from room to room inside.
  • Bring the outside in with large windows and multi-panel sliding glass doors topped with transom or clerestory windows that bring in natural light and create an instant connection between indoor spaces and outdoor living areas.
  • Muted hues are a welcome break from the dark, strong, and traditionally rustic look found in homes across Western North Carolina. The focus of the design is on the construction materials. The architectural elements of mountain modern homes, from refined glass to hard stone, timber, and textured masonry, reflect form, texture, and features that become elements of the decor.
  • Mountain modern design most commonly built by Western Carolina home builders more often use neutral color schemes to create cleanly lined exteriors, such as white and gorgeous gray, and add natural elements such as wood and stone instead of brighter colors like reds, yellows and greens, to create warmth and that ever so sought-after invitation-to-relax feel of a mountain modern home. Did we mention less fuss?

Custom home - pink and blue sky at twighlightWestern North Carolina home builders typically agree that mountain modern homes aren’t pretentious in the slightest, yet they can be exquisite in their details. Far from basic, mountain modern design captures a decidedly simple, relaxed essence that takes into account the climate, weather, and even fauna.

When done well, mountain modern design interrupts the walls with banks of huge windows that frame and reminded you of the whole reason why you chose mountain life in the first place: the mountains!

See a timeless mountain modern custom home and an elegant take on modern mountain living on our custom homes portfolio.

Are you ready to build your own vision for a mountain modern home?