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Sineath Construction is a Certified Green Professional

Certified Green Professional

Did you know Sineath Construction is a Certified Green Professional?

We talk often about our commitment to craftsmanship, and part of that commitment is continuing to hone our skills. Our Certified Green Professional designation from the National Home Builders Association means we’ve worked hard to improve our craft to provide you with a better experience and a home you and your family can enjoy for generations – without driving up the cost of construction.

Green Building

While the physics of building a custom home haven’t changed, many of the practices and methods have. And for good reason. When we shift from conventional building practices and methods to green building methods and practices, your custom home will be more energy, water, and resource efficient than a conventionally built home. That translates into cost savings for you on your energy and water bills. In some cases, the cost savings can be considerable.

Incorporating green and sustainable building principles into homes is better for the environment, too.

All of the homes we build are inherently green built, regardless of whether you, the homeowner, choose to certify it. If you do choose to build a certified, green-built home, we can help navigate the potential tax savings and rebates available to you.

When we strive to be better builders, you benefit. That’s why our Certified Green Professional designation is so important to us.

Read more about our experience as Asheville green builders on our About page.

Thinking about building a certified green custom home in the Asheville or surrounding area?