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Inspired custom built home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

Innovation is in the Details

When we’re hired to build a custom home, we commit to building a client’s vision. In this case, a recent custom project pushed us to innovate ways to build windows that adhered to the design aesthetic and ensured structural integrity.

To achieve the client’s desired look, we custom fabricated a steel frame to house each individual pane of glass. The work was exacting and demanded unwavering attention to detail. Each angle required precision. Once built, the steel frame was embedded into the foundation walls and the windows were installed. Then our carpenters went to work framing each pane, again requiring vigilant attention to every detail.

The home itself was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s last design, the Seth Peterson Cottage. From the angled glass and hipped roof to the extensive masonry inside and out. This modern version includes radiant in-floor heat, an outdoor shower, custom-designed and fabricated deck rails, and a custom-built vanity.

We are fortunate to employ a team of highly skilled craftsmen who uphold our high standards for quality and craftsmanship. And our team loves solving a challenge; it’s fun and demanding. Challenges ask us to think creatively, stretch our skills and use every bit of our experience to achieve the client’s vision. And that, for us, is a great day’s work.

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