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Making the Building Process Transparent

A strong, transparent process is critical to the success of any construction project. A key component of our process is using a powerful project management tool that helps us plan for, execute, and monitor every aspect of construction.

Having a project management tool makes it easy to present specs, pricing, and files in a simple, organized way. We find when everything is in one place, clients have a better understanding of what to expect. And, clients feel like they’re part of the building process.

The Benefits

Coconstruct Overview screenshotClients have complete transparency into the entire process. Every element of the construction process is documented in the project management tool, ensuring clients can – at any moment – see the status of their project, the timeline of their project, and the cost of their project.

For us, attention to detail applies to more than just the quality of what we’re building. We customize each project in the project management tool to ensure we’re paying attention to your unique job.

  • Find everything in one spot: track all your contact details, activity history, Stay organized: 24/7
  • Easier decisions: with all project information in one place, decisions are easier
  • Easy access: view your files on the go with mobile apps and automatically share progress photos to social media if you wish
  • Cost transparency during every step of the process.


We don’t just ballpark our estimates. We build the number based on the cost of every component of the building process.

  • From the start, we talk about site preparation, materials, structure, finish choices, and lifestyle preferences to get a firm understanding of your vision for your finished home and to give you an accurate idea of the total cost.
  • When we present the estimate, you’ll see the cost to build your home line by line. Total transparency into each phase of the building process. Once the estimate is approved and the contract is signed, the budget is set.

Many of our clients express how impressed they are with the detail of our estimates.

I asked Sineath and two other builders to give me a bid and Sineath was the one who did the most intensive research before they gave me a price. When I got their bid, I knew it was close to the actual whereas with the other two, I felt like they had left off a lot of things.

Kitty Fouche

Our detailed estimates demonstrate the integrity and confidence in our work.


Having a project management software keeps your project on track and on time. We chart the milestones of the building process, such as getting the building permit, clearing the land, grading, foundation, inspections, and the list goes on to provide a detailed timeline. Clients know what’s happening when and by what date they need to make their selections for cabinets, appliances, tile, paint colors, flooring, and this list goes on.

For clients, they use the timeline to track where we are in the process, by when they need to complete a task, and if there’s been a weather delay. And, clients tell us they feel like they’re participating more in the building process.

For us, the customized timeline goes a long way in building a partnership in expectations, too.


Having a project management tool keeps all the project communications in one place, creating a repository and archive of information and conversations about the project.

  • Clients can ask us questions, make change orders, respond to our questions, approve a cost, approve progress, see photos and so much more.
  • Subcontractors, architects, interior designers, vendors, and suppliers are added as team members for the project, and all communication between the Sineath team and outside teams happen in one place, giving clients an additional layer of transparency into the building process.
  • The open and proactive communication helps us stay in touch more efficiently and helps us document changes when circumstances mandate a shift in the process. Having all communications in one place means you don’t have to look through text messages and emails to find the information you need to make the best decisions to achieve your vision.

For us, consistent, clear communication helps ensure we’re all working from the same set of expectations, there aren’t any surprises, and no details get overlooked.

Peace of Mind

Using a project management tool helps our staff of experienced project managers, field managers and crews stay organized, pay attention to the details, and resolve problems before they become issues. Using one helps us provide clients with clarity and knowledge so they can find peace of mind throughout the building process.

More About Sineath’s Process

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