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Game room

Epic Game Room Ideas for Every Age

No matter your age, chances are you just want to have fun at the end of the day. Or maybe even all day. If you have the room, then a game room can change the game!

Top Ten Game Room and Multi-Purpose Room Features:

Here’s a list of what might just be the top-ten must-have game room and multi-purpose room features:

  1. The main attraction: the pool table. Or air hockey. Or shuffleboard. Or a ping pong table. It is a game room, after all.
  2. The other main attraction: a cocktail corner. Sip and unwind in space dedicated to kicking back and catching up
  3. For the kiddos: a slide. Yes, you read that right. A slide from upstairs to downstairs. Even the adults might get in on that action. Buh-Bye Six Flags.
  4. Make some music: dedicate a corner to your love of music, from a piano to a guitar collection and space to play.
  5. Board rooms: a space for board games, checkers and chess can be as simple as a table or an elaborate felted card table.
  6. Room to hang: from a swing. Perhaps you don’t have room for a slide, so how about a swing instead. Seriously, how much fun was it to swing at the playground.
  7. More room to hang: remember to make space for a sofa or some comfy chairs for watching movies, reading books or a nap.
  8. Save space with a projector and screen: Project movies and play video games on a retractable projection screen.
  9. Add some hoops: If you’ve got the space and a love for hoops, then add an arcade style basketball hoop and half court. Rainy days just got better.
  10. The artist’s way: let the little ones have at it on the chalkboard painted walls. A great way to keep them entertained while you school the oldest in ping pong.
  11. And don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here playing air hockey.