Remodeled bathroom, Sineath Construction

Remodeling a Bathroom

Last week we talked about remodeling the primary bedroom suite, and this week we’re talking about trends in remodeling bathrooms – from the luxe primary bath to the statement powder rooms.

Remember those Pepto pink square tiles that lined nearly every bathroom? We hear it from clients often:

“I promised the first thing we’d do when we moved in would be to get rid of those pink tiles in the bathroom. Well, here we are years later, and they still need to go.”

Bathroom Remodel and Finish Trends

Here’s a list of what we see as emerging trends in bathroom remodels and finishes.

  1. Brass is making a comeback. Less is more, and brass adds a little color and can help make the primary bathroom feel like a sanctuary.
  2. Deep soaking tubs are always in style. While garden tubs used to be all the rage, a deep tub is always an indulgent touch.
  3. Advances in lighting technology allows for lighting to be integrated into the architecture, fitting seamlessly with mirrors or other features and adding ambiance without sacrificing function.
  4. Wallpaper with wow factor is always in style, especially in the powder room. From marbleized to texturized, wallpaper can add funk, glam, and surprise in an otherwise ordinary space.
  5. Warm tones of tile and stone are replacing stark white marble. We expect to see interesting patterns and installations as well as varying sizes for the foreseeable future.
  6. A long-time staple in the bathroom is a framed mirror. For an instant update, change the frame or install one.
  7. Unusual, less common marble styles installed in slabs makes showers look like art installations.
  8. Standard rectangular white subway tile is getting pushed out to make way for unusual, irregular shaped tiles like hexagons and scallops. Unexpected colors and finishes such as woodgrain are also making appearances.
  9. Lastly, why confine wainscotting to the dining room? Wainscotting made from tile is a striking way to accent the walls surrounding the deep soaking tub.

As you may have noticed, we love lists. Anything on this list a must-have for your bathroom re-do?