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Inspired Vision, Near Driveway at Twilight

Luxury Home Builder Asheville NC

A luxury mountain home is as much a mindset as it is a real thing. For many luxury mountain home builders in Asheville like us, we focus on delivering an enduring custom home that feels luxurious and delights for generations. Luxury home builders build a variety of homes, too. From traditional log lodge style to sleek modern structures, luxury home builders in Asheville know that a luxury home is all about the client’s vision.

Luxury Home Builders in Asheville Focus on Craftsmanship

For most clients, luxury starts with location. There are plenty of exclusive, private mountain home communities in Asheville and the surrounding areas, such as Mountain Air in Burnsville, Town Mountain Preserve, Balsam Mountain Preserve, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, and Lake Toxaway, where many home builders build homes for clients looking for a luxury experience with amenities like golf courses, horse stables, exercise facilities, concierge services and clubhouses with swimming pools.

Yet some clients prefer acreage with commanding views in less populated areas of Western North Carolina. Home builders will usually site a home on the land to ensure privacy while taking advantage of long-range views.

As it is for most luxury home builders in Asheville, we focus on delivering high-quality craftsmanship and finishes that deliver on the client’s vision of a luxurious feel. In the traditional sense, a luxury home requires a substantial construction budget and, in many cases, an interior designer. High-end finishes like marble slab walls, one-of-a-kind light fixtures, hand-textured plaster, hand-milled and finished trim, limited-availability tile, top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, massive banks of windows to capture expansive views, and more are the hallmarks of luxury homes in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Styles of Mountain Luxury from Luxury Home Builders Like Us

Regardless of a client’s construction budget, we strive to deliver a finished home that feels luxurious. For us, luxury is more than just materials and finishes, it’s how a client feels in the home after they move it. Our high standards for craftsmanship ensure every home feels luxurious because that’s what every client deserves.

An architect typically works with a client to define the style of the home. Many of our clients prefer a modern interpretation of a mountain home, with clean lines, banks of windows, an abundance of decks and outdoor living spaces, and plenty of open space inside for family and friends.

Most of our clients work with an interior designer to create an interior space that fits their lifestyle, their preferences for how they want to live and function in the home as well as their vision for how they want the home to look on the inside. Some clients have the budget to select finishes that exude luxury at every turn, and other clients are more selective, choosing specific things on which to splurge, such as a professional-grade, six-burner stove because they love to cook, or a statement chandelier over the dining table.

Custom home - pink and blue sky at twighlight

1. Click here to more photos of this zen-inspired custom home

Clean, Modern Lines of Luxury

During the design phase of this custom mountain home (see picture 1), it became evident the client’s vision of luxury would reflect a sense of Zen. From clean, uncomplicated lines and calm colors to subtle, functional lighting, a rain chain, and unique garage doors, we achieved an exterior that says peaceful, contentment, and space to breathe. Clearly, luxury mountain home builders in Asheville like us focus on what feels luxurious to the client.

Mountainside lodge bar by Sineath Construction

2. Click here for more photos of of this addition

Luxurious Details

Many times, luxury home builders build exquisite mountain lodges with wet bars and wine cellars. For most clients, a bar is often a stylish, fully stocked bar cart that seamlessly fits with the home’s décor. Yet others kick up the luxury level and create a separate space for their bar, complete with a dishwasher and attached wine cellar. Extensive wood cabinets and trim, granite, and a live edge bar top evoke luxury (see picture 2).

Along the ridge beauty by Sineath Construction

3. Click here for more photos of this custom home with smooth river stone

One-of-a-Kind Finishes

Most clients finish their walls with paint or wallpaper – yes, wallpaper is making a comeback. Yet some clients have a more unique vision for their walls, such as using smooth river stone and layered drywall sheets to bring the mountain range inside. The finished space instantly feels luxurious and helps to fulfill the client’s life-long dream of a home in the mountains, literally and figuratively (see picture 3).

Along the ridge bath by Sineath Construction

4. Click here for more photos of this custom home and spa-like bathroom

Feels Like a Spa

Who doesn’t love a luxurious, spa-like bathroom? A long bath in a soaking tub is the epitome of escape from real life, and home builders will spend extra time ensuring they get it right. The master bath needs to function as a bathroom, yet for many clients, it represents space to shut out whatever else is happening in the home. A space for spa-inspired self-care. As a result, clients are often deliberate in their choices for countertops, lighting, fixtures, and tub. If we’re honest, many clients splurge on the bathtub. We hope they get to use it as often as they envisioned. (See picture 4.)

Luxury home builders in Asheville like us understand what it takes to build a luxury home, in the traditional sense and in terms of the client’s vision. With every home we build, we strive to build a home that feels luxurious because that’s our standard.

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