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How to Prevent Decision Fatigue

Whether you’re building a custom home or renovating one, you have a lot of decisions to make.

At first, the decisions are fun. You cannot wait to pick out flooring and tile and cabinets and light fixtures and paint colors – for every room. You also must pick out roofing, windows, trim, garage doors, light switches, and so much more. All the less glamorous stuff.

And then you realize there are so. many. choices. You stare aimlessly at walls of tile samples and scores of paint chips. You ask friends if you should go with the grey roof shingles or the black ones. It’s not that you can’t make a decision. Instead, it’s likely you have decision fatigue.

Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is real. Ever come home from a day at work where you had to make big and small decisions all day long, and the last thing you want to do is decide what to have for dinner? It happens when building or renovating a home, too. There are some ways to get ahead of decision fatigue during the construction process, and here’s how we help out clients:

  1. Get good advice. As builders, we connect with the architect and the interior designer so that we work together from day one. Doing this helps us narrow down your decisions in a systematic way that accounts for your vision and your budget. Not everyone has an interior designer, so we offer clients a consultation with an interior designer to help clients get clear on style and preferences.
  2. Prioritize function. Just like you, we want your home to look as close to your vision as possible. And yet we caution clients to prioritize function over aesthetics. You want the room to look good, but more importantly, it must live the way you want it to live.
  3. Establish your budget at the very start of the project. Include your builder, architect, and interior designer in the budget discussions. They can advise where you can splurge (such as a statement front door) and help narrow down product or design choices for things like flooring and fixtures within your price range.
  4. Create a vision board. Scour the Instagram, Pinterest, magazines for images of kitchens and bathrooms you like, dens and living rooms you can see yourself in, light fixtures that excite you and colors you’re drawn to. Your architect, builder and interior designer will immediately see themes of what you like. And when they know your budget, they can help guide you to choices that will delight you in your finished home and not break the budget.

When you work with us to build your custom home, we set up a schedule to help you know when decisions are due and guide you through the selection process to help alleviate the dreaded decision fatigue.