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Sineath Construction field managers on job site

A Day in the Life of a Field Manager

Every custom home or commercial project at Sineath Construction is assigned a field manager whose job is to keep projects on schedule and on budget. We caught up with Field Manager Will Thomason, who’s been a part of the construction industry for 35+ years, to learn about his organizational wizardry and what a day in his work-life looks like.

Please describe a bit of your background, i.e., what led you to construction, your experience, etc.

I grew up in the plumbing industry working in the family business based out of Hickory. I am a fourth-generation licensed master plumber in North Carolina. I got to a point where I physically could not crawl on my knees anymore, so I went into sales. For 35+ years, I worked at the wholesale level and at the manufacturer representative level and as a licensed real estate agent. I have helped in building, specifying supplying and servicing, for my entire career. Getting the opportunity to work for a highly rated custom home builder is a lifelong dream. Brian Sineath encourages all of us field managers to get their general construction license, and I plan to do so next year.

What does a field manager do at Sineath Construction? Please describe some of your day-to-day responsibilities.

The overall job description of a field manager is to ensure that all building codes are followed. We manage and schedule the subcontractors, and build our clients’ dream homes. I typically go to each jobsite and check on the scheduled work that is being done and work through any issues if they arise. I have job logs and working reports that I complete each day to keep the office, subcontractors, vendors, and clients informed.

How does a field manager fit into the staffing mix and construction process?

Being a field manager is an extension of our company family to our clients. Managing the project through “Building the Vision” for our clients is a group effort from the engineers and architects, selections coordinator and support staff, vendors, and subcontractors. We are all part of a team that works to complete our clients’ vision and dream.

Please take us through a typical day as a field manager.

In a typical day, I have a phrase that I learned a long time ago and duplicate it every day; “Plan your work and work your plan.” Having great organizational skills enables me to schedule deliveries and subcontractors to complete each phase of work. Knowing how to use the construction software that we use helps coordinate between the vendors, subcontractors, the office, and the clients. I will work on a job log on the jobsite to allow the office staff to see what I am doing and looking at on site, as well as the clients. I take pictures and write a daily summary of events that take place.

Communication is vital since all the field managers at Sineath Construction use the same pool of subcontractors to pull from and a lot of our clients are out of state. The better organized I can be helps eliminate a lot of confusion and limit the number of hiccups that we encounter as we build each project.

What do you love most about being a field manager at Sineath Construction?

Being a field manager has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I get to work with a great company and owners, Brian and Allyson, and a team that are all focused on a common goal of “Building your Vision” for our clients. Being responsible and leading this group in the field allows me to use my management skills. Since every home and project are unique, every situation is going to be different. Brian and Allyson allow us to use our unique skill sets and personalities to manage our builds with their guidance when we need it. What an incredible company to work for!

Will goes into a little more detail in this short video as he discusses what it takes to be successful as a field manager here at Sineath Construction.

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