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Mountain modern home exterior at twilight

Trends New Home Builders in Asheville Are Seeing in 2022

new home builders create large, windows that frame viewsNew home builders have seen nearly every trend in home design come and go over the years. Yet this year, we’re noticing that home design is more personal – more reflective of homeowner’s unique tastes and interests. Lately, new home builders in Asheville have seen an increase in mountain modern style custom homes, which is a big shift from trendy modern farmhouses in recent years.

And it’s possible that since we’ve had to spend so much time at home over the past few years that homeowners want their homes – the environment where they spend a lot of time – to be more expressive of their personalities and preferences. New home builders in Asheville are seeing more intentional spaces that blend form and function with the homeowner’s individuality.

New home builders are honing mountain modern style

While new home builders in Asheville still build that sought-after lodge style mountain home, modern sensibilities with lighter lines, bigger windows, and clean details define the mountain modern design. It’s quickly become the preferred style of home in the area. That’s not to say farmhouses or modern Tudors are out of style, because they’re still in high demand. Yet new home builders are seeing more glass and more metal, with clean lines taking centerstage on a home’s exterior.

Other common exterior trends new home builders see are:

  • Large, metal-clad windows that frame views.
  • Transom and clerestory windows to bring in more natural light.
  • Multi-panel sliding glass doors that disappear and seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Smooth siding of stucco or hardiplank with wood trim and stone details.
  • Metal roofs, which are long lasting and eco-friendly.
  • Luxury outdoor spaces that are an extension of the home, including outdoor living rooms with fireplaces and high-end pools.

Personalization Is the Theme for New Home Builders

Functional spaces that fit the homeowner’s needs are always in style. And as expected, one-level living for aging in place is by far the most common functional trend new home builders in Asheville see today. Yet from a style perspective, current interior trends are rooted in favorite places. Think favorite travel destinations and favorite collectibles from memorable places and experiences.

One trend we’ve seen is multi-tonal flooring, whether a patterned hardwood or tile in-lay. We’re also seeing a preference for lighter or natural stains on hardwoods, which lighten rooms and play well with abundant natural light from large windows. It’s common for new home builders to create “rugs” of color within the hardwoods.

New home builders created this white & blue kitchenDare we say all-white kitchens are out? In fact, new home builders are more often seeing splashes of color in the kitchen. The on-point trend is dark, painted lower cabinets mixed with lighter or natural-colored upper cabinets or open shelving. A mix of countertop materials is also trending. Waterfall edges and statement material ensure the island is focal point in the kitchen. Blues and greys are fading to the trendier, warmer greens with natural accents. Solid slab backsplashes are also gaining in popularity.

Using more color and texture

High contract accents, such as white walls and slender, black-lacquered trim are fashionable choices. From black entryway doors and window trim to black stainless appliances, black is in. We’re seeing it mixed with light wood accents, and we expect this trend will only grow more common over the next few years. Accent walls with bold color and textures are also in high demand.

More than ever, a prevailing design trend in Asheville is to bring nature inside. New home builders are using more natural, organic materials, such as layers of wood and stone, throughout the interiors. By pairing natural elements with large windows and wide sliding glass doors, the interior spaces are bathed in sunlight and fresh air and feel lighter and brighter.

Evolving style keeps new home builders innovating

Now, we’re not saying that shiplap-clad walls are out, but it will evolve. We’re seeing more creativity in the clients’ style and preference, and that is keeping our cabinet maker and carpentry team busy designing custom pieces that fulfill the client’s vision. The beauty of a custom home is that it reflects the people who call it home. We’re excited to see how this trend in personalization evolves.

If you’d like to learn more about building a custom home in Asheville, visit our custom-built homes page or our Asheville Custom Home Builders page for more information. If you already have house plans, then contact us to get started.