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White house with garage and driveway at Twilight

Five Must Haves in a New Custom Home

What’s fantastic about building a custom home is that the home is built to your vision. It is unique to you and how you want to experience your home.

Depending on how you want to experience your custom home, there are some must-have details that will help you design the home of your dreams.

Let’s take a look at five must-haves in a new home based on how you want to live in your home.


If you envision a clutter-free kitchen, then you’ll need to plan for a walk-in pantry next to your kitchen. Kitchens with open or limited shelving instead of upper cabinets deliver that cuttler-free aesthetic that is so on trend. If that’s your vision, then the pantry needs to be large enough to store counter-top appliances, dishware, food, and anything else you don’t want out in the open.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with large stone fireplace
Outdoor living spaces are a high priority for most people who build a custom home here in the mountains because it’s the perfect way to connect a home to nature. An outdoor kitchen is a must-have in a new home because it functions as a multipurpose area where cooking, entertaining, and relaxing can go hand in hand in hand. Moreover, integrating features like fire pits or outdoor fireplaces can extend the usability of these spaces well into the cooler evenings, creating cozy gathering spots for family and friends.


Modern Farmhouse mudroom by Sineath Construction
Busy families, outdoor enthusiasts, and pet lovers can all benefit from including a mudroom when designing their home. Mudrooms are great because they serve as a dump zone for backpacks, shoes, coats, and more, keeping messes and clutter in one place and out of sight. We’ve even built dog-washing stations in mudrooms to stop muddy paws in their tracks. Additionally, mudrooms offer a convenient space to transition from outdoor to indoor activities, making them a versatile addition to any home. And they can be designed with ample storage solutions, such as cubbies, shelves, and hooks, ensuring that everything has its place.

Kitchen Island

Farmhouse kitchen with blue island and white cabinets thumb
The next must-have in a custom home is a focal point of nearly every kitchen we’ve built. Kitchen islands are also one of the most versatile features in a home. They’re essential for meal preparation, homework stations, catching up with friends, storage, and creating separation between spaces in a greater room. Because they’re so versatile, we recommend spending some time with Becky Walter, our design manager, to ensure your kitchen island is everything you envision it to be – from aesthetic to function.

Layered Lighting

Modern kitchen with marble island, white cabinets and wood floors
If a well-lit and balanced interior or exterior space is important to you, then layered lighting is a must have in a new home. A layered lighting design provides the functionality of task lighting, warm ambiance with accent lighting, and a touch of moodiness with ambient lighting. Ambient lighting – think a soft warm glow emanating from the top of the kitchen cabinets – can also serve as a helpful night light for guests looking for a midnight snack.


Talk to us about your five must haves in your new home

Designing a new home is exciting! You get to decide what’s important to include in your home, how you want your home to look, and how you want to experience it. Helping clients navigate the decisions and choices about what goes into building a custom home is a lot of fun for us, and it’s a great way for us to experience your vision for your home. The more you know and the more we know, the more likely we are to nail building your vision.

So tell us, what are your must haves? Let’s get started.