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Two builders with blue shirts studying tiny home blueprint with frame in the background

Giving Back: Building Tiny Homes for BeLoved Asheville

Once again, Sineath Construction helped BeLoved Asheville reach a major milestone. This time building one of four tiny homes in four days in what the Asheville nonprofit calls its Blitz Build event.

Asheville custom home builder, Sineath Construction, was one of several Builders Association of the Blue Ridge Mountains members whose crews volunteered their time and expertise to construct four of the last five homes in the 12-home Beloved Village. Last fall, our crews built the first two homes in the community of deeply affordable housing, and we built another home earlier this year.

When we started this year’s Blitz Build on August 29, the home was nothing more than a foundation. When we finished the home on Sept. 1, the structure was complete, wrapped, and ready for a roof. Now all that remains is electrical, plumbing, sheet rock, and interior finishes.

Caucasian male builder on job site reaching for lumber for tiny home that he's framing

Two caucasian males talking on job site

Caucasian male builder on job site using saw to cut lumber for tiny home that he's framing

Caucasian male with cigarette in his mouth standing on support beam framing a tiny home

Sineath’s legendary carpenters Junior, Randy, and Shawn were joined by other members of the team throughout the four-day event.

“We were excited to be a part of the Builders Blitz again this year to build deeply affordable homes that will help some of the most vulnerable families in Asheville,” said Brian Sineath, president of Sineath Construction. “We believe everyone deserves a place to call home as well as the safety and security that comes from having a home. We’ve built some spectacular luxury custom homes over the years, and we are blessed to be able to give back to the community that has been so generous to us.”

Celebrated by Our Peers

Yeah, we’re competitive. Of course we were the first builder to raise a roof. However, we were truly honored when our peers recognized our leadership throughout the Blitz Build.

Get Involved

It’s amazing to see how much progress has been made at the BeLoved Village in just one year. Although BeLoved Village hopes to start taking housing applications later this year, there’s still a lot of work to be done. If you’d like to get involved, visit BeLoved Asheville and click “Get Involved.”