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Primary bedroom remodel

Remodeling the Primary Bedroom

We love a good list! Clients reach out to us to remodel their primary bedroom suite because they:

  1. Loathe looking at the outdated color scheme, fixtures, flooring and tiny closets.
  2. Are concerned about aging in place and want to prepare for a future that may include physical limitations.
  3. Want more space now that they are empty nesters and could potentially absorb part of a secondary bedroom to make room for a bigger bathroom and another closet.
  4. Plan to sell their home and know a 20+ year-old bedroom with its outdated attached bathroom isn’t going to fetch top dollar.
  5. Are ready to move forward with change after the loss of a spouse or partner, whether from death or divorce.

Modern Primary Bedroom Suites

When rethinking your primary bedroom suite, modern day suites are almost always a retreat. They’re a private space that feels luxurious or perhaps a bit indulgent. It is always functional, and there’s at least one, if not two, walk-in closets or a dressing room with a custom closet system.

The bathroom is roomy and includes a separate shower and tub, a double vanity, plenty of storage and good lighting. Smart bathroom design also includes a bench and sprayer system in the shower, radiant in-floor heating, and a tankless water heater so there’s always plenty of hot water.

Options a plenty

If there’s room in the budget, consider enlarging windows or adding clerestory windows. Add height by creating a tray ceiling and ambiance with rope lighting in the tray. Dimmable recessed lighting provides brightness, while well-placed sconces provide light only where needed. Updated countertops, tile, and flooring help make the space feel brand new.

We always ask clients to consider long range plans. If aging in place for as long as possible is a high priority, then include accommodations like barrier-free showers and doorways wide enough for a walker or wheelchair.

For some of our clients, the remodel is purely cosmetic and doesn’t involve any demolition. Fresh paint, new light fixtures, new faucets, new cabinet hardware, new doors, and new doorknobs are all it takes to go from loathing it to loving it.

When you’re ready

As we’ve said many times before, as Asheville custom home builders, we love helping clients achieve their vision. When you’re ready to give the primary bedroom suite a make-over, call us or request a free consultation.

Oh, a parting pro tip to creating a retreat-like setting: move anything home office related to another space in the home. Trust us on this. Create a reading nook in its place.